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Napalm/Ritz by Lexy and Stevie
United States
Current Residence: some place inbetween GigHarbor,WA and some university in Seattle
Operating System: The kind they use in shpace
Favourite cartoon character: Napalm, not that I'm taking favorites or anything.
Alright, so I started getting some fanart piled up and I couldn't find a more conveninet place to post it up. I also thought that if anyone else started drawing more fanart they could just upload it and send it here rather then emailing me some strange file that I have to edit and change to get to work properly and upload. I love all of you who have sent me stuff and I'm glad that you love my online webcomic :D it makes my heart happy to see that people are actually reading it, even though it's not very long, but the more I hear from you all the more I'll have the ambition to upload. So!

About:Innate Blasphemy (IB) is a webcomic written by Stevie and Lexy about two girls caught up in a culture in which they do not belong. They're aliens living in a world that is partially based on our own, but in a culture that's for more strict than ours. Trying to beat the crazed system they're antagonized and either have to deal, fight, or live with the consequences.
Now and in the future:IB is a new comic, it's really short so far, but as soon as soon as we get up to an official amount of ten pages (minus minicomics), then I'll post it up onto onlincomics and hopefully we'll get more recognized.
Where's it at?:…

So if you want, join, look around, read around, this is where I'll be posting some of the original sketches, new sketches, ideas, doodles, all relating to IB. Enjoy! ^_^


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RadioactivePenquin Featured By Owner May 27, 2006
:D Post up the next page! It makes my heart happy like YU+ME~! X8

And Ilione is really pretty in the last page....
RadioactivePenquin Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2006
I mean, Napalm... >>;
innateblasphemy Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2006
lol, I was gonna say, I hope Ilione doesn't look that much like Ritz. XD I have finals right now, so I wanted a super cliffhanger picture :D everyone's all " i wanna see them actually kiss! guhaaaaaah!"
jilly-chan Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Hey girly! Glad to see you've got this up XD
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